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Our Carers

At IFlorJ Healthcare, our live-in carers play a pivotal role in promoting independence and well-being for our clients. We prioritize creating an environment where individuals maintain a sense of control over their day, free from rigid rules or timetables. This approach is aimed at enhancing overall health and quality of life, allowing our clients to continue enjoying the activities they love in the comfort of their home.


With over 36+ years of experience, we take pride in our extensive network of carers and our ability to match the right carer with the specific requirements and needs of each client based on personality and skills. Our carers are dedicated to improving the lives of those they care for, embodying attributes such as reliability, compassion, trustworthiness, caring nature, friendliness, enthusiasm, patience, respect, and professionalism.


Our team of carers includes individuals from both the UK and around the world, many of whom possess a wealth of experience, including nursing experience and qualifications. They are all fluent in English and capable of preparing English and other cuisines to a high standard.


We maintain a stringent recruitment process for our live-in carers, ensuring their suitability and competence for the role. This process includes an enhanced DBS security check, seeking written references, conducting formal interviews and assessments, verifying academic and vocational qualifications, and confirming the right to work in the UK.


During their placements, our live-in carers require breaks and time off, which are discussed and agreed upon during the initial meeting. It’s essential for them to have their own bedroom within the client’s home, equipped with adequate facilities and amenities to ensure their comfort.


At IFlorJ Healthcare Ltd, we stand apart by providing a fully managed service where the carers are employed and fully supported by us. We cover their salaries, taxes, sickness, holidays, and overall employment, ensuring a seamless and high-quality care experience for our clients. Additionally, our Care Managers conduct regular visits to your home, maintaining the highest standards of service delivery and client satisfaction throughout the year.